Caring For Dry Facial Skin

There are many different causes of dry facial skin, some are external factors and others can be related to conditions inside the body. Dry skin usually appears taught and tight, with a fine texture and flaky patches.

Internal factors that can be related to dry skin:

Thyroid imbalances,


Imbalanced diet,



External conditions commonly related to dry skin:

Extreme weather conditions, especially cold dry weather,

Use of harsh soaps and washes for cleansing,

Insufficient moisturising, or the use of poor quality synthetic moisturisers, especially products based on mineral oils,

Excessive use of central heating

Caring for dry facial skin

Dry skin needs to be treated in a truly holistic form to have lasting relief. This includes making any necessary changes to ones diet and lifestyle as well as limiting exposure to harsh chemicals.

Cleansing dry facial skin.

Dry skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated just like any other, however dry skin is usually sensitive skin so using a gentle, natural cleanser that effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities without stripping the skins precious natural oils is vital. Choose a cleanser that is free from alcohol, mineral oils, and artificial fragrances/colours as dry skins can react to these ingredients. Gentle facial exfoliation is also beneficial as the removal of deeply imbedded dead skin cells allows moisturisers to penetrate more deeper in to the skin providing it with the hydration and nourishment it needs.

Moisturising dry facial skin

Dry skin needs extra nourishment and hydration as it has fewer sebaceous glands than other skin types. Moisturising with a quality product made with organic and natural ingredients that replenish and restore moisture are vital in the control of dry facial skin. Unfortunately so many products that are labelled as natural are anything but natural, in fact they usually contain a cocktail of chemicals and are based on MINERAL OIL which has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE for the skin. Products based on these ingredients can make dry skin even drier and irritated due to their unhealthy, synthetic ingredients, especially if used long term.

Moisturising dry facial skin with products based on pure and wholesome ingredients like natural plant butters and cold pressed oils is a great way of providing the skin with vital nourishment and hydration to stay smooth and supple. Natural botanical oils and butters are better absorbed in to the skins deeper layers as their structure is more compatible with the skin.

Helpful tips for dry facial skin

Use natural and organic products specifically for dry skin,

Avoid products with chemicals, mineral oils and Alcohol and harsh facial washes,

For a super moisture boost use a facial oil/serum under your moisturiser,

Try to avoid exposing the skin to sudden changes in temperature,

Try to incorporate foods high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E in your diet, especially oily fish, nuts/seeds, and avocados,

Evening primrose oil supplements are reported to be helpful for dry skin,

Drink the recommended amount of pure, filtered water every day,

Use of natural, chemical free skin care products is one of the best ways of preventing and controlling dry skin

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only, if you have specific health problems please refer to your health practitioner.

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