Natural Skin Care Tips

If your blessed with the perfect look then consider yourself very lucky. Many of us have to work at it more than others. Fortunately, there are many very inexpensive ingredients that will help everyone look good and have beautiful skin. If we're going to use natural ingredients for our skin care regimen, then we should be totally aware of our skin type and thus not end up using the wrong natural skin care products. Here are some great tips for various skin types as well as recipes for face masks.

Skin care tips for normal skin
If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who have normal skin then count your blessings. This group hardly has any skin care problems and usually have that flawless look others admire. All you have to do is make sure to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and get regular exercise. Another suggestion is to cleanse your face with soap and water and add a little rose water. Rose water helps to maintain your skin tone and also ensures that dirt and dust is washed away What's the point of skin toning if you have normal skin? Well, irrespective of whatever tone of skin you may have, rose water helps enlarge pores and eliminates that orange peel look every time you wash your face.

Skin care tips for dry skin
If you have dry sometimes itchy skin your not alone. One of the most amazing natural moisturizer is honey. How about making a paste of honey and milk and leave it on for like 15 to 20 minutes depending on the intensity of dryness you can go even longer. You can also leave it on over night and wash off the next morning. It's also prudent to make changes in your diet and include some dairy products. Remember to drink 8 - 10 glasses of water every day. I also heard that eating nuts as they provide oil to your skin from inside. The best overall thing to do is for dry skin care is to keep moisturized not only from the outside but from inside as well.

Skin care tips for oily skin
Oily skin happens when the glands inside the layers of skin produce too much oil. One remedy for oily skin is the application of mint and sandalwood paste. These powerful ingredients are well known for controlling oily skin and improve complexion. Cucumber is another powerful ingredient that helps fight oily skin. Just grate the cucumber and apply all over your face. No need to add any other ingredients. Your skin will feel fresh and radiant.

Ideas and Recipes for Face Masks

   1. Carrot Mask - Grate a carrot and mix it with one teaspoon of honey. Leave on your face for around 15 minutes and with regular use, it will surely bring about a change.
   2. Pineapple mash - Mash a pineapple slice and mix it with some lemon juice then, mix that with wheat flour. Use it on your face and neck area then scrub it off after a while. You will notice how smooth your skin is.
   3. Lemon-Egg Mixture - Beat an egg white and store it in the freezer for 15 minutes. When the time is up add lemon juice and a grated tomato to your cooled off egg whites. Lemon and egg have a wonderful softening quality so if you do this for a month, you'll notice how soft your skin becomes.
   4. Guava - For a more glowing look, smash a guava and stir it with an oatmeal and lemon juice mixture.
   5. Spinach - Try a cup of raw pureed spinach with one spoon of fresh cream. Apply to the face.
   6. The Radical Radish - A grated radish with a spoon of vinegar, one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey and mix well. Put them in distilled water and let steep like a tea then wash your face regularly with this mixture.
   7. Honey potato - Mix a spoon of honey with an egg white and grated potato.
   8. Make a paste of orange peel and rose water. Apply the combination on the skin. This will make you're skin glow.
   9. Gently massage an egg white and honey face mask It will eliminate tan from the face.
  10. Cleansing with cucumber adds glow to the skin. Mixing cucumber juice with milk, you get a wonderful cleanser.
  11. For the oily skin type, make a mixture of lemon, grapes, egg white. After leaving it for 20 minutes, rinse the preparation with warm water. Lemon will cleanse the skin. Grapes add softness to the skin. Egg white will make the skin firmer.
  12. Maintain a strict routine of personal hygiene.
  13. Eat lots of fresh fruits, salads, milk and green, leafy vegetables. Avoid oily and fried foods. Try to avoid sugary sodas along with french fries and most junk food in short.
  14. Some women may have a problem with this but avoid make-up as much as possible. At least, do not wear make-up for long stretches of time this clogs your pores and doesn't allow the skin to breath.
  15. Never use beauty products that contain ingredients you might be allergic to. Try to do a patch test on your skin before you use any new beauty product. A lot of these skin cosmetics have propylene glycol or diazolidinyl urea which you might be allergic to. When in doubt consult a dermatologist.
  16. Follow a cleansing routine for your skin. Using a natural oatmeal-honey scrub will be beneficial.
  17. Take 1 tsp of boiled oats, ½ tsp honey and ½ tsp milk. Mix well. Apply evenly on your face and neck. After 10 minutes, use a cotton wool to dab refrigerated rose water on your face and neck. Use gentle, upward movements of your fingers to massage the face scrub off your face and neck. Wash your face with plain water. Pat it dry with a soft towel. Apply a light moisturizer on your face and neck. You may use this face scrub every day.
  18. You can purchase a natural walnut, apricot scrub check the ingredients before you buy to make sure there are no weird chemicals in them and use it on alternate days.
  19. Ever heard of Fuller's earth? Get this and use it about every 7 days or so along with the following skin care recipe:. Mix 1 tbsp of Fuller's earth, 1 tsp of sandalwood powder, ½ tsp of milk cream, 1 tsp rosewater, 1 tsp honey and mix well. Apply this natural face pack to your face and neck. Don't put it around the eyes. For the area around the eyes, apply a mix of ½ tsp honey, ½ tsp cucumber juice and ½ tsp milk cream to the area around the eyes. Leave the face packs on your face for 10 minutes. Use a cotton pad to dab rosewater on your face and neck. Soften the facial mask and gently wash it off with plain water. Pat dry with a soft towel.
  20. Gently massage an aloe vera based moisturizer into the skin of your face and neck. Use very gentle upward, rotating movements of your fingers for the massage.
  21. If you live in a sunny environment, always use a sunscreen. Whether it's a gel or a lotion but make sure that you are using a SPF 15 sunscreen-you can even try SPF 30. The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the more effective the sunscreen.
  22. Take good care of yourself. Exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet are just as important as maintaining a beauty regimen. A healthy body is the first step to beautiful, glowing skin.
  23. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday.
  24. Walk for 30 minutes every day. This should be done in a relaxed manner either in the morning or in the evening.
  25. Make sure that you get 8 hours of undisturbed sleep every night.

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Tips on How to Grow Longer Lashes

If you've ever wanted to grow longer lashes, read on. There are several things you can do to ensure that your eyelashes grow at a steady rate, in a healthy and natural way. Here are five tips you can begin putting into practice, which will surely help you achieve longer, thicker lashes in a matter of time.

1. Eat well.
Try out the most natural method to help you get thicker lashes. Start by eating healthily. Remember, without proper nutrition your body will not be optimized for hair growth. In fact, an insufficient diet that lacks nutrients can result in falling lashes, falling hair and slow hair growth. If you want to have longer lashes, you should get on a balanced diet of vitamin-rich foods, especially those that are filled with hair growth-enhancing nutrients, like carotene, biotin, magnesium and zinc.

2. Moisturize your lashes.
Like any other hair on your body, eyelashes also get dry at times and need proper conditioning. Otherwise, they will fall out! To prevent this, regularly condition your lashes with natural lubricants, such as olive oil, petroleum jelly or vitamin E (found in vitamin E soft gels). These moisture-locking products enhance eyelash moisture, which result in enhanced eyelash growth.

3. Trim your lashes.
Some cosmetic experts believe that trimming the eyelashes makes them grow longer than their original length. There is no sound research yet about this theory, however.

4. Use an eyelash enhancing gel or serum.
You can enhance or accelerate the growth rate of your eyelashes through the use of an eyelash enhancing gel or serum. These products stimulate healthy, natural hair growth by penetrating into the hair cells in the eyelid area. It's best to use an eyelash enhancer that is composed of natural ingredients, not one that is mostly chemical-based. To be sure you get natural enhancers, make sure the ingredients do not list down prostaglandin as one of them.

5. Massage your eyelids as needed.
As with any other massage, eyelid massage helps stimulate blood flow to the eyes. This has several health benefits, seeing as blood transports nutrients around the body. If your eyelids are gently massaged regularly, your eyelashes with naturally look more vibrant, healthy, and possibly even grow longer, faster.

You can use a combination of these five tips to help you grow longer lashes. However, don't rush into things and expect immediate results. In addition to all these tips, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means exercising regularly so that your body is conditioned and works optimally. It also means avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, which are known to slow down hair growth.

Plaited Hair Styles

Hair is a main feature of a person's appearance. Daily we worry about how our hair looks and how we can style our locks, whether we are going for the 'red-carpet glamour' look, or the 'just got out of bed but really spent hours fixing' style. A timeless style is the plait. Braiding and plaiting hair is a look that just doesn't fail, and this season's catwalks have seen some of the latest and greatest versions of the classic look.

Obviously the simplest way to wear a plait is by simply separating the hair into three strands and weaving them in with each other. To make this look not-so-simple, why not experiment with the positioning of the plait? If you usually have the plait dead-centre, shift it to one side while keeping the strands the same size to add some dimensions to your style, or alternatively if you are used to wearing your plait on the side, centre it - a side parting and central style is all the rage this season!

An easier look to pull off with longer hair is a romantic side style plait. Inspired by the Romans as well as an updated input from Jean Paul Gaultier, the side style plait can be achieved with a side parting acting as the very top of the plait, starting to braid from the top and letting the plait run from the parting, behind the ear down to the nape of the neck and gradually making its way throughout the entire length of the hair. This look can be dressed down by scrunching sections of the plait to look more natural, or dressed up with stylish accessories.

Those with shorter hair shouldn't worry about being left out of the favourite fad either. An excellent way to incorporate plaits with shorter hair is by scattering them thinly from the parting. Start to braid at the roots in any order, whether it be randomly or positioned neatly. To add more volume and impact, add some braids to layer underneath too.

A favourite of fashionistas from all time periods is the plaited hair band. Although typically longer hair is required to achieve this look, hair pieces are widely available and easy to purchase to create the same brilliant result. A plaited hair band style can run all the way across the hair line, or, for those with a side parting, just the fringe section can also be braided.

A final look that is beautifully created using plaits is the up-do. Not only can they be added to strengthen the structure of any up style and keep it in place, but the look can be entirely created by plaits. This is a more individualised look and can be different every time - try it!

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Hair Styles for Mid Length Hair

The mid length hair style offers many options for styling that include totally different looks. Adding all over curls, or flat ironing the hair super straight can completely change the look of the same exact hair style. Consider the following styles, partial up do, ponytail up do,all over wavy and all over straight hair styles as options for your next look.

Partial Up Do - This style features a portion of the hair in the crown area pulled back into a ponytail. Height can be added to hair in the crown area by gently back-combing small sections of hair before smoothing over the top with your fingers. A higher crown area creates a more formal look for the style. Add decorative hair pins to hair on the sides to keep hair in place and also add some color to your look.

For a variation of the partial up do, leave out some wispy long strands of hair around the face and pin curl them. The waves and looseness of the style will create a more romantic, formal look suitable for occasions such as weddings, proms or graduation ceremonies.

Ponytail Up Do- This up do features all of the hair pulled back into a ponytail for a formal look. It used to be that ponytails were only meant for the gym and lazy weekends. Now women are wearing these super-easy styles to red carpet events. To create an extra straight and smooth up do, flat iron the hair from roots to the ends before pulling it back into a ponytail. Spray on some shine serum after styling to create a super shiny finish. The ponytail can be worn anywhere- formal or informal occasions-and it is a style that you can easily learn to create on your own.

All Over Waves- The mid length hair style can look super cute styled all over wavy. A haircut with lots of long layers is very suited for the wavy look. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel to damp hair and blow dry using a diffuser attachment. Add soft waves throughout with a medium barrel curling iron.

All Over Straight- A popular style for any length of hair, the all over straight look is very eye-catching for mid-length hair as it really pulls out any highlights mixed in throughout the hair. Highlights added around the face help to brighten your look. Add soft sideswept bangs for an even more alluring look. Long sideswept bangs cut around the face help to soften a hairstyle and add a certain dimension to the overall look.

In short, these 4 different types of styles for the mid length hair style are great options for 2011 and beyond hairstyles. The mid length cut will allow for more style options than shorter versions and also the mid length haircut will be much easier to take care of and style than longer hair. See more hair styles for mid length hair and get ideas for your next look.

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Purchasing The Ideal Pedicure Chair For Your Spa Salon

If you want to run a spa business and do not know how go about getting the right furniture, you are not alone. Many people planning to venture in this kind of business face the same challenge. One way to create the right ambiance for your spa salon is to get the right chairs. A good pedicure chair would go along to create the appropriate impression to anyone who walks in. That is why you should be able to invest in the best. Here are some pointers to help you in your selection.

Salon owners are generally faced with more or less similar challenges and sources of need more than any other businesses. Customers who have an interest in this field usually have a specific need and that is why it is important that you provide the right environment for them. This is one reason as to why the owners look for particular items and products to facilitate their operations.

Most salons in the world today have made it to the top just because of their pedicure services. This is a beauty procedure that involves working on both your hands, fingers and legs. It is very relaxing yet beautifying. Therefore, getting the appropriate chair to facilitate the whole process is an important factor to consider.

When planning on buying these chairs, you have to first figure out the type, design and amount you expect to spend. If you want to create classy and luxurious feel you would be better placed to go for leather. However, there are other popular designs made from micro-fibers which offer great comfort.

If you are considering purchasing seats with wheels go for those that can easily lock in place. This is because the process involved in pedicures need concentration and less movements. An unstable seat can bring about accidents such as cuts and bruises from the tools being used. It is therefore important to avoid such incidents.

A seat with padded and raised back is also highly recommended. This is meant to offer support and comfort to your client. A comfortable customer will always look forward to her next visit. This would result into more business and profit for you. So always look out for such seats when going out to make purchases.

Since comfort should not be compromised at all, it is also important to make sure that chair arms are able to provide it. It should also be able to allow adjustment. A chair arm is necessary for relaxation purposes. They should be padded so as to offer good support.

When choosing the right pedicure chair it is much easier if you are working with your budget. Do not just spend a lot of money on one just because it is modern; instead go for what is really necessary and appropriate. It would be advisable to go for retailers who allow you to buy goods in bulk. This is because you would be able to save a lot of money. Doing an online search will help you get some of the best offers available.

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The Best Faster Hair Growth Vitamins

If you are one of millions of people who wish for longer and stronger hair, a few daily vitamins could make your dreams come true. Faster hair growth vitamins are not too good to be true. Medical studies are proof. For decades, researchers have studied how certain vitamins have caused hair to grow at a much faster rate than when the same person is not taking the vitamins. The studies have been so profound that an entire market of vitamins have popped up that profess to be strictly for the growth of hair, skin and nails.

Hair is made up of 80% proteins. Vitamin B Complex feeds protein to the hair follicle, thus strengthening and enriching the follicle. That is not the only incredible benefit of Vitamin B Complex. When taken daily, B Complex will speed up one's metabolism which also promotes hair growth. Thus, B Complex promotes hair to grow almost twice as quickly as it would grow without B Complex.

Vitamin E, as an orally consumed vitamin, has proven to condition skin from the inside out. Vitamin E is also a popular ingredient in topical skin care products and hair products. Conditioned skin is supple skin for the hair follicle to lay under. When the skin is not dry and tight, the hair follicle pushes the hair through the epidermal layer much easier and quicker. Prenatal vitamins are often mentioned as good vitamins for faster hair growth. This because they are often high in Vitamin E.

To get all the benefits of hair growth vitamins in one pill, try a vitamin that is labeled specially for 'Hair, Skin & Nails.' Usually the combination will be a B Complex, Vitamin E, Aloe, Biotin, Amino Acids, Lutein and other essentials. This is a great one-stop for faster hair growth vitamins.

Her are a few other ways to ensure your hair will grow as fast as it can:
• sleep in a deep conditioner once or twice a week. Conditioned hair is strong hair and strong hair will not break off at the ends
• continue to get regular trims (and be sure to tell your stylist to only trim the dead ends as you are trying to grow out your hair)
• refrain from using a lot of heated styling tools that will cause excessive hair breakage
• refrain from using ponytail holders that will also cause excessive breakage

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Tips for Making Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Some of the most popular hair beauty questions concern how to make hair grow longer. The common reply to these questions is that you can't do anything at all; it's genetic. The answer, however, is only partially true: It is genetic, and you're not likely to grow hair longer beyond your natural limit.

Nevertheless, most people never reach their natural limit. There are factors that retard hair growth and overall length, and most of these factors are within our control. If we can master them, then we can foster an environment that is conducive to our natural hair-length limit.

The best step a person can take to make hair grow longer is to live a healthy hairstyle, starting with a regular exercise regimen that accentuates cardio. Exercise breaks down the toxins in our bodies, and many of these toxins otherwise end up in our follicles where they retard growth and make hair more brittle.

In order to maximize this effort, you have to eat right as well. Drink water, lots of it, and when you want something with more flavor, drink fruit juice or something similar rather than soda. Avoid high-meat diets. Lower meat intake, get protein from other sources, and load up on fresh vegetables and fruits.

With regard to diet, the most important thing is that it's balanced. Consult a doctor or nutritionist, and take a daily vitamin supplement. If you "eat well" but have a vitamin deficiency, your hair, skin and nails are often the first aspects of your body to pay the price because this is where excess vitamins collect.

As importantly as exercise and diet, get proper sleep. The right amount depends on many factors. Eight hours is a good rule of thumb, but trust your body. If you feel best with six hours, then sleep six, but make sure you do so consistently. This will help maximize the benefits of proper exercise and diet.

When it comes to the hair itself, the biggest mistake people make is that they do not get regular trims. The common idea is that if you want it to grow long, let it grow longer. Hair length, however, relies on overall hair health, and we can ensure that health by getting rid of the dead and weak material at the ends.

Finally, wash the hair regularly, and use conditioners and moisturizers, but avoid over-manipulation. You might be surprised at how damaging brushing routines can be. Brush just enough to achieve style and remove knots. Avoid heat, such as from curling irons, and don't use any tools that alter the natural texture of the hair.

New Year's Eve Make-Up Tips

This New Year's Eve, have some fun with your make up. The New Year is a time for change and rejuvenation. This is the time to experiment with your look and try make up that you normally wouldn't wear during the rest of the year. Wow your friends and co-workers with a fun and flirty look that will get the right kind of attention everywhere you go. Below are some make up tips that will help you look fun and fabulous this New Year's Eve.

1. Play up the eyes: There are so many possibilities to be creative and have fun with your eye make up, and New Year's Eve is the perfect time to do it. Create an intense smoky look with different shades of black and gray eyeshadow by blending them with a contour brush or your finger. Apply a dark gray as the base color, a soft black on the inside of your eyelid, and a darker black on the outside of your eyelid. Finish by adding a clear shimmer on your entire eyelid.

You can also have fun by matching your eyeshadow to the color of your clothes. Whatever the color, get a few different shades of the same color shadow, and do it the same way you would for a smoky eye, by blending the colors, with the darkest color on the outside of the lid. Finish with glitter and a thin line of black eyeliner. Having a large assortment of eyeshadow can be expensive, so getting wholesale cosmetics like eyeshadow is definitely the way to go.

2. Play up the lips, too! Normally, any fashion expert would advise choosing one feature, the eyes or the lips. But on this one day a year, pretty much anything goes. You don't want to use a lipstick that's too dark if you're also wearing heavy eye make up, but you can still wear a dark color on your lips and look fabulous. If your focus is on the eyes, choose a color that has a lot of shine in it, rather than a matte lipstick. I prefer the color stay lipsticks with the color on one end and the gloss on the other.

3. Bronzer: Bronzer is great for any time of the year, but especially when you want to add some glamour to your look. Apply your concealer or foundation first. Skip the powder. Use a multi-shade bronzer with a very wide applicator brush and apply it to your entire face with a few light strokes. You don't need much bronzer to get the full effect, especially if it has some shimmer in it.

4. Glitter! I'm not sure when else you can get away with this unless you're 4 years old, except for New Year's. Now, you do want to be conservative with this, because there is a fine line you can cross and end up looking like a made up drag queen. Dab a little glitter on your finger and apply small amounts on the outer creases of your eyelids, your wrists, shoulders, and chest.

Most importantly, have fun!

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Spiked Hair Styles

It is very clear that there isn't much guidance from the media in the way of hairstyles for men. It's difficult for the males amongst us to keep up with styles as many a time the famous and stylish are praised for their fashion instead of their hair. However, here you can learn the techniques to one of the most timeless looks in the male species - spikes.

Spiky hairstyles are extremely easy to achieve, but they are a good way to keep up with trends and individualise a specific look to suit unique personalities, whether you are spiking your hair to make a statement, or simply keep hair out of your eyes.

Spikes make a bold statement - they are typically wild and dangerous, and have even been copied by some females, for example Sharon Stone, Kerry Katona and Ellen DeGeneres. Although the look is easy, some men are completely lost when it comes to where to start.

One of the most dramatic spiked hairstyles is the Mohawk. Jared Leto is known for sporting this style, which consists of the sides of the head being shaved to leave a central strip. The strip is one or two inches long, and although there are variations in the look, it is typically one single strip that is spiked into a fan allowing the hair to stand up evenly. 'Liberty spikes' can also be incorporated into the Mohawk, which is when the central strip is separated into individual spikes

A close brother of the Mohawk is the 'faux-hawk'. This is a very similar style, but the hair on the side of the head isn't completely shaved. It is cut shorter than the central strip but is a more subtle look - suitable for those who aren't exactly ready to go the full hog with the hawk.

Although some looks are typically associated to a specific group of people, there is no rule saying that 'emo's' or 'punks' are the only people allowed to style their hair in a particular way. A look that is commonly associated with 'emo' groups is the messy, uneven, shaved look. Characteristically this look has a hanging front fringe covering one eye, and hair spiked randomly across the head.

Stereotypicaly, 'punks' are also known for their dramatic hairstyles. Again, the 'punk hairstyle' is a vast umbrella of looks, however this is where the Mohawk originated. Punk hairstyles include twisted spikes, messy spikes and a selection of faux-hawks, and one of the determining factors of the punk style is the existence of spikes in the hair

To conclude on the background of the spiked hairstyle, one of the lesser known variations is the 'flat top' look. This is when the style, based on the crew cut, is much shorter at the sides and back, leaving slightly more hair at the top to make a bolder impression. The hair at the top is still short enough to stand up on its own in spikes.

Anyone can achieve a spiked hairstyle, even those suffering with hair loss. Visit to find out more.

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Aloe Vera Info

Aloe Vera isn't a cactus plant as many people believe, but rather a member in the Lilly family. The official name Aloe barbadensis is named by the botanist Dr Miller who characterised the plant in Barbados, the plant is native to Northern Africa.

Components are obtained inside the leaf, the sap including a mucilaginous gel derived inside inner cells in the leaf. The inner Aloe gel is made up of polysaccharides along with a vast array of bioactive chemical substances, which play a major role with the healing process.

Youthful Skin

The inner gel of Aloe is regarded as being really good for Skin Care. Because it is often a natural balancer it is good for all Skin kinds whether you've Oily Skin, Dry Skin or a mixture of both.

Inside Aloe Vera leaves there's a Gel-like substance. This gel has vast number of Vitamins (including Vitamin E -which is incredibly nourishing for skin), Minerals, Amino Acids & Enzymes. Aloe is weirdly a close match to our Skin's pH balance. Therefore, it's able to moisturise and heal Skin fast.

Aloe Vera enhances the activity of Fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are specific cells discovered inside the Skin that produce Fiber such as Collagen & Elastin. These Fibers give Skin it is structure and make it seem fleshy and supple. The more we have of it, the much more YOUTHFUL we Look.

It emerges that it can in fact help the pores in the skin to open and receive the moisture and nutrients of Aloe Vera.

Skin is really a Vital Organ of entire body to take care of. The most common thing we experience is getting dehydrated (dry) skin.


Exposure to Sun along with other external elements trigger many Skin problems. Too much sun exposure can trigger free radicals to appear in skin, via ultra violet rays. These free radicals have an effect on Skin which creates Wrinkles. One of the most sure methods to fight these free radicals is taking Anti-Oxidants.

It also includes a lofty source of Anti-Oxidants which fight against these radicals, rejuvenating the Skin.

In order to achieve right skin restoration Aloe needs to be used every day or multiple times a day. The area of one's entire body that may be dry, will respond based on how often Aloe has been applied to it.

If it is the face, then Aloe Vera can be applied at least a couple of times a day, morning & night and skin conditions need to recover within several weeks.

If the problems are somewhere else in the body, applying Aloe after taking shower is probably the most effective as skin is clean
Aloe Gel for Stretch Marks?

Your skin is one of one's body's major organs, and applying aloe vera gels can make your skin a lot more healthy and vibrant. Most women, particularly pregnant women, consider stretch marks being a major problem. Though stretch marks can disappear after some time, but there are those who want to speed up the process. Who wouldn't?

Start with a simple and all natural treatment before going to more invasive and expensive way of removing stretch marks.. That's when aloe vera gels come to the picture. As the cliché goes, prevention is better than the cure, so at the very first sight of stretch marks in your skin, begin applying aloe vera gel right away before they turn into far more prominent.

Nick Dep

Causes for Unattractive Crows Feet

No one wants unattractive crows feet, but there are solutions. In order to understand the solutions, it helps to first understand the causes.

Crow's feet are a kind of wrinkle that appears at the corner of the eyes. While considered normal signs of aging by many, not everyone gets wrinkles on their faces.

Genetics may have something to do with it. Good genes are always helpful, but more and more research shows that in the vast majority of cases, it is diet and lifestyle that affect how we age.

The lifestyle factors that can cause wrinkling include:

1. Excessive sun exposure

2. Smoking cigarettes

The dietary factors that may be involved include:

3. Lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet

4. Lack of protein in the diet

5. Poor nutrition in general


During sun exposure causes wrinkles, because of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules naturally present throughout the body. In some cases, they become frenzied. The sun not only increases the number of free radicals present in the skin. It also causes them to become frenzied.

When that happens, the free radicals start to damage the skin's cells and collagen fibers. Unattractive crows feet don't appear all of the sudden. They appear gradually over time, because it takes a while for free radical damage to become visible.


Cigarette smoke contains free radicals and causes the number present in the skin to increase. Air pollution can do the same thing.


The body has a system for handling frenzied free radicals. It is accomplished through the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals, before they can do any damage.
Fruits and vegetables are the best dietary sources of antioxidants. So, a lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet could be the cause of unattractive crows feet.

When the skin is nice and tight, wrinkles cannot be seen. In order to keep the skin nice and tight, the body creates new skin cells and elastic fibers on a regular basis. Old skin cells are sloughed off and new ones are created. The new ones make their way to the skin's surface to replace those that have been damaged. This is an ongoing process with thousands of new cells being made on a daily basis.


In order for our body to produce new cells, tissues and fibers, it needs amino acids. Amino acids are found in dietary protein. A lack of protein in the diet can cause unattractive crows feet and other wrinkles, because the body does not have the tools necessary to keep the skin tight.


Poor nutrition in general can be the cause. A lack of any essential nutrient will eventually show up as a skin problem of some kind. For example, a lack of vitamin C leads to the production of weak collagen. Collagen is primarily responsible for the skin's tightness.

Other causes of unattractive crows feet include squinting and habitual facial expressions. Regardless of the cause, there are good solutions for the prevention and repair of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. You will learn how to stop unattractive crows feet in my next article. See author box below for more information.

Thanks for reading the article. There is a lot more information on eye wrinkles, puffy bags, dark circles, etc. on my website - all free. I would like to invite you to visit for FREE Instant Access to a more information on How to Stop Unattractive Crows Feet

Organic Salon Products

The Internet has proven to be a wonderful resource to research organic salon products. Before evaluating different organic salon products, you should first understand the definition of the word "organic" which means "raised or conducted without the use of drugs, hormones or synthetic chemicals". It seems simple enough that organic salon products should be healthful, promote wellness, non-toxic, and be natural. However it is important to keep in mind that a product labeled as being organic does not necessarily mean it is.

Most women are surprised that cosmetic products, or their ingredients, are not subject to review or approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they are sold to professional salons or directly to consumers. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the consumer to educate themselves on organic salon products to determine just how organic they actually are.

The movement in professional organic salon products has been in creating products that are substantially comprised by organic ingredients while not sacrificing professional performance. More importantly, some leading organic salon product manufacturers have been eliminating the particularly toxic, carcinogenic, and dangerous ingredients in their products entirely.

The Sinister Seven - 7 Deadly Sins of Salon Product Ingredients

   1. Reg-3 Cocamine: this ingredient has been linked to human organ toxicity and is a suspected carcinogenic and eye and skin irritant. Peg-3 Cocamine is produced by ethoxylating Propylene Glycol and dangerous levels of dioxin are an abundant by-product of the ethoxylation process.

   2. Resorcinol: Strongly linked to human immune system toxicity, cancer, internal organ toxicity, endocrine systems disruption, and skin and eye irritant, this ingredient is most commonly found in hair color and hair dyes.

   3. Ammonia Hydroxide: In simple terms, ammonia hydroxide is ammoniated water. Ammonia is a toxic corrosive and when it is used in hair products, it will severely damage the hair's tyrosine protein which is responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is the hair's natural hair pigmentation and lack of melanin will cause even artificial hair color to fade. Ironically, almost all professional permanent hair color products use high amount of ammonia. It is known human respiratory toxicant, sense organ toxicant, cardiovascular toxicant, and risk to severe health damages increases after repeated use at their is evidence of bioaccumulation in humans.

   4. Phthalates: these hormone disruptors are commonly found in nail polish, perfumes, hair sprays and skin care. They are known to cause damage to the liver and kidneys, birth defects, decreased sperm counts, early puberty onset in girls and early breast development in girls and boys. The Safe Cosmetics Act of California was passed in response to the dangers of phthalates in children's products.

   5. Propylene Glycol: This ingredients easily penetrates the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers Propylene Glycol so toxic that it requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles and to dispose of any Propylene Glycol solutions by burying in the ground. Because Propylene Glycol penetrates the skin so quickly, the EPA warns against skin contact to prevent consequences such as brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

   6. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES): These two foaming detergents are known to cause serious health threats. They are known to cause depression, labored breathing, eye damage, diarrhea, severe skin irritation, and even death. Recent studies have even indicated that they damage the skin's immune and, when combined with other chemicals, create nitrosamines, which is a very potent class of carcinogens.

   7. Parabens: This ingredient is toxic, even in small amounts. These are widely used cheap preservatives in many salon products. Studies conducted by the Journal of Applied Toxicology revealed parabens have been linked to cancer and commonly found in breast cancer biopsies. They also contribute to sterility in men and hormone imbalances in women as well as early onset puberty in young girls and boys.

Certified Organic Ingredients and Organic Salon Products

In addition to eliminating the use of toxic, dangerous, and carcinogenic ingredients; organic salon products should also maximize the use of nourishing, healthy, natural, and organic ingredients. Many organic salon products claim to be certified organic based on self-certified standards. The most reputable organic certification will come from government agencies or government recognized certification organizations. For products that are manufactured in Europe, the Soil Association of the United Kingdom provides the most reputable source of organic certification. For products that are manufactured in the United States, the United States Food and Drug Administration provides an organic certification program.

Organic salon products often cost slightly more than their chemical based alternative. This is primarily because the organic raw materials are multiple times more expensive for the manufacturer than cheap chemical or synthetic additives. However, advancements in organic technologies, and a broader and deeper understanding of how effective natural ingredients can be, have enabled organic salon products to outperform their chemical based alternatives. This has caused an overwhelming growth in the organic salon market as a huge swell of discerning consumers have realized that, for a little extra money, they can use products that work better and are actually healthy and nourishing for them rather than toxic and dangerous.

Nourishing and Healthy Ingredients in Organic Salon Products

The most desirable and effective certified organic ingredients used in organic salon products include chamomile, sunflower extracts, aloe vera, comfrey root, soy oil, lichen extract, coconut oil, bergamont fruit, wheat protein, orange peel extracts, geranium, grapefruit seed extracts, sweet almonds, citrus extracts, jojoba seed, fennel seed, white willow bark, and sea mayweed.

Organic salon products should also contain nourishing and healthy ingredients like amino acids, anti oxidants, and vitamins such as Vitamins C, E, and B5.

Unfortunately, some of these organic raw ingredients can be quite expensive, especially when compared to the cheaper chemical or synthetic alternatives. However, when selecting organic salon products from or for your Organic Salon, it will always be better to select the most healthy, organic and natural organic salon products that don't sacrifice their performance.

Organic Salon Systems offers a trusted filter for salons or salon professionals committed to providing healthier, more natural, and organic products to their clients. The company's strong ethos, which is committed to providing the most natural, organic, and gentle products without sacrificing professional performance also includes only offering products that are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as being both cruelty free and vegan. With a strong sense of of duty to preserving and protecting our global environment, their organic salon products are also extremely eco-friendly and they offer the world's first biodegradable shampoo bottles that are infused with seeds so that, when planted after use, grow trees. Their products and services can be found at

Beauty Tips - Dealing With Sagging Eyelids

Are your eyelids starting to sag so much that it's time to do something about it? Relax, you have options that are both fast and affordable.

Super Fast Fix for Sagging Eyelids

If you are no longer playing around with sagging eyelids and cosmetic surgery is completely out of the question, you need to seriously consider plastic eyelid inserts. I know that sounded kind of painful, but it's not.

These plastic eyelid inserts go over your eyelid, are hidden in the newly created or enlarged crease and show more of your eyes. Such inserts are marketed under names like "Eye Magic, Instant Eye Lift" and "Dream Look, Instant Eye Lift". And you can get a one-month, set of 64 eye strips for around $20 US.

Though these inserts act fast, the eye lifting effect goes away as soon as you remove the insert. For a more long-lasting result that requires significantly more patience, try yoga.

If you are no longer playing around with sagging eyelids and cosmetic surgery is completely out of the question, you need to seriously consider plastic eyelid inserts.

Yoga For Sagging Eyes

Marie-Veronique Nadeau, author of The Yoga Facelift, has a quick exercise to rejuvenate baggy eyelids.

To start, place four fingers of each hand on each eyebrow and push the eyebrows up slightly. Shut the eyes. Next, tighten the upper eyelids while pushing them against your fingertips. Hold this for ten seconds and repeat. You can perform this exercise every other day and should notice an improvement within four weeks.

Eye Firming Creams

No eye cream, at present, is truly going to lift your eyelids. However, it will moisturize the lids. This in turn will make your skin look more vibrant. So, use an eye cream but you don't need to spend a fortune on it. All the same, there is one eye cream specifically designed for the upper eyelid from Bremenn Research Labs called Upper Eyelid Lifter.

Most reviews of this product are either highly positive or called the product over-rated. The manufacturer says that the cream addresses drooping eyelids to make the eyes look more awake. You can get it for around $60 US. You may want to just try a sample at the cosmetics counter because some users noticed an instant lift upon one application.

So, go ahead and deal with your sagging eyelids. Do it now before you can't even benefit from these easy and budget-friendly beauty tips.


Nadeau, MV. (2007). The Yoga Facelift. San Francisco, CA: Conari Press.

Naweko Nicole Dial San-Joyz is a beauty contractor giving people the tools and know-how they need to look better on a budget. You can get started by using her free ebook "Better Looking Skin Awaits You". It offers tons of homemade beauty tips that give you spa-quality results from your cozy kitchen without blowing all your cash.

Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Skin

Skin care is important, because your skin is the first thing that people see. Regardless of your inner beauty, it is important to maintain your outer beauty as well. Use the skin care tips in this article to maintain youthful, healthy skin. Because you are only as beautiful as the skin you're in.

1. Even winter skin care regimens should include liberal use of sunscreen. Broad-spectrum products are ideal for use on the hands and face and should be applied a half an hour prior to anticipated exposure. Using sunscreen in the winter protects vulnerable skin from damage caused by bright winter sunlight and snow's reflected glare.

2. When you exfoliate your skin, don't try to press too hard. This will only irritate your skin even more, and it is also harmful. If you are wanting an extra deep cleaning, just exfoliate your skin for longer than you are used to. This will get into your pores even more, without the harmful side effects.

3. If your daily routine involves bathing before you leave for work or school, be sure to apply an effective sunscreen over your skin. Soaking in water can strip the skin of some of its natural oils, which are ordinarily used to provide some degree of protection for the skin from the sun.

4. Try to find products that have sun protection mixed in. Doctors recommend that people wear sunscreen every day regardless of how sunny it is outside. By choosing products with sunscreen already in them, you are able to protect against skin cancer as well as prevent acne. Make sure to continue applying regular sunscreen throughout the day if you plan on being outside for an extended period of time.

5. Although you should normally pick skin care products for your skin type, you may have been buying the wrong products for so long that your skin has become denatured. So, in order to truly know what your skin type is, sometimes you have to go back to square one.

6. Start with a simple routine, a gentle, non-drying cleanser morning and night, toner if your skin is truly oily, and a moisturizer (again, unless you have very oily skin). After a couple of weeks of this normalizing routine, you should be in a much better position to evaluate your true skin type and can buy products that meet your skin's true needs.

7. Take good care of your skin by drinking enough water. Your body is made up mostly of water, and your skin is no exception. It needs water to repair itself and to create new skin cells. The standard recommendation is to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, but you may find you need to drink more or less to have plump, moist skin.

No matter what skin type you have, it is important to maintain it. If you want to save yourself from expensive plastic surgery later, the best tactic is to take care of your skin right now. The advice listed in this article will help you care for your skin and maintain a glowing complexion. For more ways to maintain a healthy radiant skin, please click the link in the resource box below.

Thanks for reading the article. There is a lot more skin care information on my website - all free. I would like to invite you to visit for FREE Instant Access to a more information on How to FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE

Caring For Dry Facial Skin

There are many different causes of dry facial skin, some are external factors and others can be related to conditions inside the body. Dry skin usually appears taught and tight, with a fine texture and flaky patches.

Internal factors that can be related to dry skin:

Thyroid imbalances,


Imbalanced diet,



External conditions commonly related to dry skin:

Extreme weather conditions, especially cold dry weather,

Use of harsh soaps and washes for cleansing,

Insufficient moisturising, or the use of poor quality synthetic moisturisers, especially products based on mineral oils,

Excessive use of central heating

Caring for dry facial skin

Dry skin needs to be treated in a truly holistic form to have lasting relief. This includes making any necessary changes to ones diet and lifestyle as well as limiting exposure to harsh chemicals.

Cleansing dry facial skin.

Dry skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated just like any other, however dry skin is usually sensitive skin so using a gentle, natural cleanser that effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities without stripping the skins precious natural oils is vital. Choose a cleanser that is free from alcohol, mineral oils, and artificial fragrances/colours as dry skins can react to these ingredients. Gentle facial exfoliation is also beneficial as the removal of deeply imbedded dead skin cells allows moisturisers to penetrate more deeper in to the skin providing it with the hydration and nourishment it needs.

Moisturising dry facial skin

Dry skin needs extra nourishment and hydration as it has fewer sebaceous glands than other skin types. Moisturising with a quality product made with organic and natural ingredients that replenish and restore moisture are vital in the control of dry facial skin. Unfortunately so many products that are labelled as natural are anything but natural, in fact they usually contain a cocktail of chemicals and are based on MINERAL OIL which has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE for the skin. Products based on these ingredients can make dry skin even drier and irritated due to their unhealthy, synthetic ingredients, especially if used long term.

Moisturising dry facial skin with products based on pure and wholesome ingredients like natural plant butters and cold pressed oils is a great way of providing the skin with vital nourishment and hydration to stay smooth and supple. Natural botanical oils and butters are better absorbed in to the skins deeper layers as their structure is more compatible with the skin.

Helpful tips for dry facial skin

Use natural and organic products specifically for dry skin,

Avoid products with chemicals, mineral oils and Alcohol and harsh facial washes,

For a super moisture boost use a facial oil/serum under your moisturiser,

Try to avoid exposing the skin to sudden changes in temperature,

Try to incorporate foods high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E in your diet, especially oily fish, nuts/seeds, and avocados,

Evening primrose oil supplements are reported to be helpful for dry skin,

Drink the recommended amount of pure, filtered water every day,

Use of natural, chemical free skin care products is one of the best ways of preventing and controlling dry skin

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only, if you have specific health problems please refer to your health practitioner.

For 100% natural skincare go to, where you will find some of the most nourishing and gentle products for dry skin. All Alive Earth products are free from synthetic ingredients, alcohol and animal by products.

Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin

Your skin is your largest body organ. If maintained and kept healthy, it will protect you from all sorts of environmental harm. Since it's working so hard for you, why not treat it with some tender-loving care? There are a few fundamental things you can do to keep your skin healthy. Below are five tips for healthy skin that are easy to do and should be done daily.

1. Eat a Nutritious Diet. Eating a healthy diet that's rich in vitamins and minerals will nourish your skin and keep it radiant. Some foods that deliver key nutrients like zinc, vitamin A, omega 3, omega 6 and high quality protein for a healthy skin include colorful vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, lean meat, sweet potato, mango, carrot, spinach, olive oil and nuts. The juice of a lemon may help detoxify your body from harmful toxins that can build up.

2. Drink Plenty Water. In addition to eating a healthy diet, drinking 8 glasses of water can hydrate your skin and help cleanse your body from toxins. If you live in a hot climate, it is especially important to drink cold water throughout the day. Lemon juice, if applied topically, may help fight blemishes, freckles, acne marks, and dark spots. Cucumber is also commonly used on the dark circles around the eyes and other blemishes.

3. Daily Skin Care Regimen. Maintaining a daily skin care regimen is important in keeping your skin fresh, clean and clear. Facial skin should be cleansed at least twice a day with warm water and a facial cleanser. Warm water opens up the pores and helps give your face a deeper clean. Clean and Clear facial cleanser is a great and inexpensive product that will cleanse the dirt from your pores and minimize blemishes and blackheads. Try not to scrub your face too much or too roughly as it may also cause irritation and it will push dirt even deeper into your pores. Gently wash your face in circular motion then rinse it with cold water. Always remove your make up before going to sleep.
You should also keep the skin on the rest of your body soft and smooth. To do this, exfoliate daily in the shower using a semi-course body sponge and moisturizing soap. Body hair can trap dirt and oils so if you desire to remove some body hair, try Veet, a popular and effective hair removal product.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep! Getting plenty of rest is perhaps the most important tip for achieving healthy, glowing skin. Try for 7 and 8 hours of uninterrupted rest per night. Don't skip out on your rest on the weekends because you could be stuck making up for it during the weekdays.

All Natural Beauty Tips You Don't Want to Miss

With all of the in-depth skin care articles you see in glamour, fashion and "ladies" magazines, you would think you would be able to find all sorts of all natural beauty tips. All too often, unfortunately, those articles are literally written to push a particular product and all too often that particular product is some type of skin care product that's filled with chemicals which means that even those articles aren't great skin care tips.

There are lots of great tips that are 100% all natural beauty tips that you can use every day. The best part is that some of them are actually free:

1. When drying after washing your face or taking a shower, dry thoroughly and pat-dry your face. When water evaporates instead of being dried off it causes your skin to actually dry out instead of retaining the right amount of moisture to be supple and smooth.

2. By using all natural cleansing products as make-up removers and to clean your skin you'll be able to get the clean, clear skin you expect plus the lack of chemicals means you won't be harming your skin as you cleanse.

3. Also, using make-up with all natural ingredients has no drawbacks. You'll still be able to still use all the same products from foundations to lip gloss to look your best without worrying about negative effects on your skin. Chemical based make-up can't make promises like that.

4. Even though all the hype and advertising tells you otherwise, being able to have healthy hair doesn't mean buying hair care products full of chemicals either. The best way to get soft, silky, shiny hair is to use all natural hair care products and you'll have healthier hair in the process.

5. One important skin care and hair care tip is to protect them from the sun as much as possible. Not only is it inadvisable to "sun tan" which exposes the skin and hair to both UVA and UVB (ultra violet type A and B). UVB rays are the ones associated with sunburn however UVA rays are the ones associated with skin cancer. By keeping your skin protected with sun-block that blocks both UVA and UVB rays and protecting your hair by putting on a hat, you'll have done the best thing possible for skin and hair care.

These are just a few tips you will find that help you to look your best while taking better care of your hair and skin in the process. All natural beauty tips are actually more common sense than they are expensive products and taking care of yourself was never so easy.

Finding natural beauty remedies can make a world of difference because they leave out all those harsh chemicals others put in. Felix Poppell researched the best natural sunscreen he could find to take on his vacation.